Friday, August 31, 2012

Octagon Origami Box & a Tutorial!

Hello fab bloggers!  Here is a challenge for you today and a really, really long, picture-filled post!  Last weekend, at Quick Quotes Private Reserve in St. Louis, there was a make-and-take to create this box.  I did not participate in the project, but loved the results.

Being the curious one that I am, I searched the internet for a box that looked similar to the ones created in St. Louis.  This is the video link I watched to create this box!  Click here.  There is no audio instruction, but it was enough to get it with a little practice!

This is the finished box. 

To take this challenge, you will need 16 squares of paper, exactly the same size.  I used origami papers for this project. These are 6 x6.  Follow these steps for all sixteen squares.

 Start by folding diagonally, both ways, then vertically and horizontally, creasing each fold well before going to the next fold.

Next, fold 3 corners into the center. Unfold the left fold and flip over.

It should now look like this.

 The paper is turned so that the point that was unfolded is at the top of the photo (left).  Bring the bottom point up to the horizontal score line.  The photo to the right is the same as the left photo only the point is now facing left.  The right side should now be folded toward the left point up to the next score line (about an inch) and then unfolded.

Ready for the next fold. Grab the top outside edge and line it up with the diagonal white edge next to it.
 see how it lines up?  Crease well.
 Now it looks like this.
 Bottom edge now is folded up to meet the top edge.  The crease should be at the left point across to the center right.
 Now it looks like this.
The bottom white edge is now folded upward to line up with the diagonal orange edge.
It should now look like this.
Hopefully, between watching the video and looking at the still photos, this will be clear.  The next step is opening the piece.  From the top edge, pull the paper toward you.
 When it is opened, it looks like this, kind of a pie wedge with a funky tail...
 In this photo, I unfolded the center.  The long skinny triangle part seen just to the right of the longest crease may be glued at this point.  Use dry adhesive.  Fold it back again to look like photo above.
 After you make 15 more of these, it does get easier!  Promise!  Now you are ready to assemble.  Eight pieces are needed for the top and eight for the bottom.  It is probably a good idea to assemble without adhesive first.  Once you see what the finished project will look like, then go in with adhesive.  Adhesive was placed on the left of each piece.
 Pull back the flap on the right side of one piece and insert the left side of the second piece, all the way to the next fold.
 It should look like this.  Continue adding pieces until you have eight assembled.  The eighth one is inserted both to the left and to the right.
 The inside should look like the next two photos.
Now, do the same assembly for the bottom of the box.

When it is flipped over, it looks like the photo below on the outside.

Here it is all embellied.  I added octagonal pieces of white chipboard cut on the Cricut with George and Basic Shapes at 5.75" (not pictured)

The harvest scene is a Dazzle Sticker from Paper Wishes Happy Harvest Stickers, mounted on kraft resist cardstock, colored with Smooch Ink, matted with dark brown, then pearlized green cardstock.  Vintage Photo Distress Ink was  blended on the edges.

 A triple loop satin bow was made with Becca's Peg Bow Maker and a button was added onto the "wheel"  of the wheelbarrow.

 This is another box I made, using 2" squares of 7gypsies "Trousseau" paper and pink string pearls from The Scrapbooking Studio.  Even the flower and the bow were made from the paper!  This teeny little box would be great to hold a pair of earrings or a piece of chocolate...hmmm, which do I like better?

Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I just had to share that I could make this work, and you can, too!

Until next time, BE Inspired!  Jules

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial on the box! It's really cute and bravo to you for taking it on!!!

    I was at the St. Louis Private Reserve and never made this one, but I wanted to.