Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Cottage Cheer Gift Card

Stamps:  Christmas Vintage Labels from Just Rite Clear Stamps

Using the Cheer Bingo Card, Red Zig-zag trimmed journal circle, green chevron banner and white snowflake print ticket die cuts from CC1024

Using green ink (forest moss), stamp:

  • 1 1/2" circle with "Open First"
  • ticket with the small "holly" stamp in the four corners
Using red ink, stamp a "snowflake" in the center of the bingo card
Using black ink, stamp "Merry Christmas" on the ticket
Add red stickles to the four corners of the ticket to make berries

Ink and assemble the spiral blossom die cut (Spellbinders) with a petal roller.
Using wet glue, adhere the blossom to its base once the desired shape is pleasing.
Continue to shape the petals as the base is drying.
Apply red stickles very sparingly to the petal edges for faster drying time.  
Set aside this flower to be used on a different card.

Assembly of gift card holder:
  • With the red die cut face up, place double stick tape onto the bottom, below score marks and top, above score marks; also on the two short ends of the anchor strip.  
  • Fold under at the lower score marks on the bottom of the "for you" section.  
  • Line this fold up at the inside top of the card fold, peel off the tape and adhere.  
  • Fold back the two long tabs so that they fit through the cutout slots at the bottom (near the fold).  
  • Fold the tabs so that the adhesive faces upward.  
  • Peel off the tape and hold the gift card holder flat while closing the card.  
  • Open card flat.  
  • Use the anchor strip beneath the 'arches' to adhere the holder to the inside front of the card.  
  • The adhesive should only touch the inside front of the card, so that the gift card holder slides freely when the card is opened and closed.
  • Cut out the green frame from one of the extra die cuts and adhere it to the gift card holder.

Card Front:
  • Cover with green paper.
  • Add cream with red print piece on the left side of the card
  • Using 1/8" double-stick tape, place tape along the RIGHT EDGE the cream/red piece.  Peel off the tape backing and adhere 4" piece of gathered mesh.
  • Trim the Cheer bingo card to fit the red cardstock mat. Adhere at a slight right angle, keeping within the card edges.
  • Place foam tape on the back of the 'Open First' circle and adhere to the journal circle.
  • Cut the green chevron banner in half and v-notch one of the straight ends to match the notched end on the other half.  Layer and adhere to the back of the journal circle.  Adhere journal circle with foam tape, angled to the left, slightly overlapping the mesh.
  • Use the second green frame as the base layer on the inside bottom of the card, covering the tabs just below the fold.
  • Adhere red label over green
  • Adhere the green punched label and brackets
  • Adhere the Merry Christmas ticket

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